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X-BULL Electric Boat Winch 12V 6500LBS Portable Detachable Steel Cable Marine Ship 3000KG 4WD

X-BULL Electric Boat Winch 12V 6500LBS Portable Detachable Steel Cable Marine Ship 3000KG 4WD

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Category: Automobile

Brand: X-Bull

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One of the must-haves for a boater is an electric boat winch, which helps pull boats onto the trailer efficiently. This electric boat winch is engineered with gear ratio of 717:1 and features 6,500lbs capacity. And the electric boat winch features reversible electric winching (pulling and spooling). The electric boat winch with remote has the hand crank winching model in case the power fails. This electric boat winch is safe and reliable with the rotary knob as an emergency button to stop the winch with a simple pull when necessary. In case you have to pull a boat beyond the capacity, the sturdy pulley can be used to increase the pulling power so you can safely pull the boat onto the trailer.

Superior Capacity: Featuring reversible electric winching (pulling and spooling), this remote electric boat winch is engineered with 6,500lbs capacity.
Higher Gear Ratio: The higher gear ratio of 717:1 delivers stronger winching performance than previous generations for more demanding applications.
Waterproof Self-Closing Cover: This IP 66 waterproof electric boat winch with remote has a self-closing cover to protect the socket from dust and water.
Durable Construction: The steel cable, hand crank and pulley of this electric boat winch are made of galvanized steel to resist mechanical damage and corrosion.
Wired Control: This portable electric boat winch comes with wired remote control
Portability & Detachability: This electric boat winch is portable with an anti-slip handle and a tri-point mounting plate for easy detachment when not in use.
Included Steel Pulley: You can use the galvanized steel pulley to increase the power of this electric boat winch, or reduce winch load and motor heat.
Built-In Brake: The built-in braking system has been thoroughly upgraded to deliver super braking performance against the toughest situations.

Max Pulling Capacity: 6500lbs (3000KG) single line
Operating Voltage: 12V DC
Drum diameter Length: 33mm * 90mm
Drum speed: 1.2 m/min
Control Cable Lenght: 3m
Power Cable Lenght: 3m
Drum Diameter Length: 33mm x 90mm
Gear Ratio: 717:1
Steel Cable: 7.2mm(D) x 10m (L)
Dimensions: 240x235x210mm
Weight: 16kg


1 x 6500LBS Boat Winch With Handle
1 x Wired Controller
1 x Mounting Plate
1 x Steel Hook
1 x Pulley Hook
1 x User Manual

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